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29 Feb Step Up Your Home Decor with an Area Rug
Brozek Jarrod 0 565
Decorating the walls of your room or adding sleek furniture and décor items can be your primary choices for a stylish home. However, you often tend to ignore the part where you tread on –the floor. Adding area rugs on your floor can heighten up the overall aesthetic charm of your room or your outdoor space. No matter whether you have an ample open ..
29 Feb Floor Your Guests with These 2020 Rug Trends
Brozek Jarrod 0 574
While decorating the walls and even ceilings with the best lights and other décor items, people often miss out the most important part of the house i.e. the floor. In your daily life, your best and greatest connection with the earth is established through your floor and it can be said beyond any doubt that you need to keep it neat and comfortable t..
28 Feb Large Area Rugs Show Beauty Knows No Boundaries
Brozek Jarrod 0 507
If you think that your guests only look at the ceiling and wall while visiting your home, you are wrong because the floor plays a significant role in keeping you grounded! You cannot ignore the fact that it is floor which forms the closest connection with the earth and when you are sprawling an area rug over it, you are sure to spend more time in c..
12 Feb Vintage Distressed Area - Spice Up Your Floor
Brozek Jarrod 0 444
Adding a distressed touch to your overall sophisticated household can be quite the head-turner for your guests and of course, you, the occupants. Besides, if you have already added some vintage distressed patterned furniture or decor items for the room, an area rug with distressed pattern might be the icing on the cake. These indoor use rugs from L..
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