Adding a distressed touch to your overall sophisticated household can be quite the head-turner for your guests and of course, you, the occupants. Besides, if you have already added some vintage distressed patterned furniture or decor items for the room, an area rug with distressed pattern might be the icing on the cake. These indoor use rugs from LNCHome are made of polyester which is not only water resistant but also stains resistant so that cleaning them becomes easier than other rugs in the market. Be it your bedroom, living room, dining area or kids’ room, the area rugs are suitable for any room and make them look elegant as ever.

The distressed area rugs with coastal style from LNCHome are 5’x7’ in dimension and the pattern is not so indistinct which makes it suitable for a chic living room or the meeting area of your house. With a pile height of 1/3”, these rugs do not have shedding problem, thanks to the curl-free intensive narrow binding. While the jute weft backside offers durability, the soft polypropylene upside offers comfort under feet when you tread on these.

Another rug with thin pile height and long-lasting binding comes with floral motif in the faded embellishment of mixed hue palette. Navy blue frame surrounding the minimalist floral pattern adds warmth and contrast to the contemporary design of your room.

Available in 5’x7’, 5’x8’, 6.5’x9’ and 8’x10’ dimensions, the polyester area rugs can be your perfect options if you wish to create a focal point in a room. Its less distressed design can offer the antique feature to your room –choose these according to the size of the room and the decor statements. These vintage distressed area rugs are also available in geometric patterns, traditional design and floral motif with varied distressed patterns.

Super Soft Traditional Area Rugs is available in vintage Bohemian floral pattern and vintage retro minimalist pattern; the LNCHome area rugs come with carefree satisfaction warranty for two years and can perfectly blend with both traditional and contemporary design. The superior power-loom knitting to create precise details with the polyester fibers make sure that the rugs do not shed even with rough use and you can easily clean the dirt, crumbs, and dust with a vacuum cleaner. The super soft raw polyester of the nonskid indoor rugs gives coziness and will not cause skin sensitivity. There is no chemical odor and no risk of fading of the colors.

Non-Slip Distressed Area Rugs

For your kids’ room or nursery or for the living room where your kids' tread frequently, the coastal style, vintage abstract style and the abstract style rugs with antique finish can be the best choices. Distressed tonal fading, a combination of neutral, grey and blue colors in the striking pattern are the main characteristics of these rugs. If you are considered whether these nonskid rugs washable or not, worry no more as the polypropylene non-curling, non-smelling, non-shedding and non-fading rugs can be easily dry washed and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. 


Apart from these, the block patterned distressed chic rugs, minimal distressing leaf patterned rugs, stain, and fade resistant over distressed rugs and the soften treatment rugs can be great choices for you.